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Coaching Your Coaches: How to Build Your Football Staff

building a coaching staff coaching football coaches coaching your coaches football coaches Aug 01, 2022

In my 20 year coaching career I have played and coached under some amazing leaders. When it came time for me to become a head varsity football coach and run my own program I was able to pull together all the best qualities from each program I was involved in. This also gave me the ability to more importantly see what DID NOT work when building a football program. 

Over the years I compiled a list of things that I wanted to implement into my own program. I took things both good and bad from every where I had been and put it all into my own system. 

This Coaching the Coaches document has grown and evolved over the years. I've changed it many times over my career and a lot of it was passed down to me from other coaches I had served under. Even when I was a part of a bad program I was able to pull those things together and make sure I never allowed them in my own program.

Hiring and Firing coaches is one of the most important and more influential aspects of building your program that rarely gets discussed. 

I hope you enjoy this clinic on how to Coach Your Coaches and build a staff that you are proud of.

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