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Do I Really Need to Block Him?

do i really need to block him? inside zone inside zone rpo zone read zone read rpo Feb 18, 2022

The advantages of the Up Tempo Spread Read Option No Huddle Offense!

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The best aspect of this offense has nothing to do with who's carrying the ball. It's that you can take the other teams best player and eliminate him completely.

How so?

Simple, you don't block him and let his rules keep him away from the play.

Take the most basic play in this offense, Inside Zone Read. The entire play is designed to create great blocking angles and block one of the players with the QB.

Let's take the simplest version and break it down!

When Inside Zone is ran to the right typically the left Defensive End is left unblocked or is the Read Man. Many teams will choose who they zone read based off a players over aggressive playing style or the exact opposite. Let's say that DE is the other teams best player. By not blocking him he has to make a decision. Does he wrong arm and close down the line and try to tackle the running back or does he stay home and play contain so the QB doesn't run up the back side of the defense? Doesn't really matter whether the defensive scheme has him as a contain player or an edge rusher, this concept makes him wrong.

Imagine the mental toll you are putting on that player by him knowing he could tackle the running back but he can't because of his rule to stay home and contain. This works both ways. If the half time adjustment for the defense is to now close down the line of scrimmage and tackle the running back the QB will pull the ball the whole second half and make him wrong again.

This whole offense is based on taking the other teams best players out of the game and playing so fast that they don't have time to think or substitute to teach. This puts a huge mental and physical burden on the whole defense and their coaches. Every single play you are guessing and every single play you are on your heals. The offense is not complex it's actually very simple because every play already has an answer for a defensive adjustment built into it. Which is why teams like Oregon can play so fast!

Everyone is familiar with the Inside Zone Read Concept whether it's because you run it or have to stop it. This is an entire offensive system that takes the zone read principles and applies them to every concept in the offense. This enables you as a coach to pick which player you want to Read or Option at any point in the game without changing a thing in the game plan. You can Read the Defensive End one play and then the Mike Linebacker the next.

Here is the system that we use. Everything from terminology to hand signals.

It used to be that the only way to become a great coach was to coach under one or play for one. With all of the changes in technology that is not the case anymore. There are tons of resources like these all over the place. We are in a great era of the game of football.