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How Important Is Football For Kids?

Jan 10, 2021

Football Was the Most Influential Part of My Childhood!

Here are the Top 5 Reasons Why Football for Kids is Excellent!

1. My Football Coach Taught Me to Sit in the Front of the Classroom!

The way he explained it to me was why it stuck. The classroom is like the teachers Game Day. When it was explained to me like this I never sat in the back of the room or misbehaved again. I knew there was a time and place for everything. Do not get me wrong I was a normal kid but when I realized there was not a chance I would goof off in even practice let alone a game it really made me realize the importance. So, I sat in the front of every class and paid attention. Which is probably why I have two degrees and excelled in school. There was no way I would have been able to get straight A's sitting in the back of the room, goofing off, or sleeping. I wanted to be a leader in sports so I carried that over into the classroom and it worked.

2. I Could Ask My Football Coaches the Questions That I Wouldn't Dare Ask a Teacher or My Parents!

Football for kids is better than any class because unlike teachers that you see for 45 minutes every day or even every other day, you see your football coaches for 2-8 hours a day depending on what time of the year it is. In that time kids get to really know and trust their coaches. In most cases they want to be like their coaches. Some times we as coaches do not realize just how big an impact that we have in the rest of the kids' lives. A large chunk of my real life education came from football.


3. Football Gave Me An Outstanding Work Ethic!

There is nothing in a kid's life more time consuming (in a good way) than sports. Nothing is handed to you and you have to work harder than the guy in front or behind you or you will not get or will lose your job on the field. This is exactly what the real world is like. I have coached multiple sports and I believe this is most prevalent in football because there are so many kids on the team all fighting for the same spots but for the same cause at the same time. It takes ultimate work ethic and competitiveness but an absurd amount of unselfishness at the same time to make a team great!

4. Football Taught Me How to Deal with Adversity!

You prepare for 12 months physically, mentally, and emotionally for just a few games. The amount of focus it takes to prepare your body in this way is a huge reason why football for kids is outstanding. There are times when things are great and times when they are awful. They will laugh and they will cry with both joy and sadness. They also have to be able to push through and keep focused enough to keep the team strong. Just like in their careers and their families. Life is not always easy obviously and football made me push through things so difficult that when adversity struck it was easy to deal with.

5. Football Made Me Mentally and Physically TOUGH!

The coach who taught me more about life than any of the others used to always say "Toughness is a learned behavior." This could not be more true! If a child sits in his room and plays video games all day or plays only sports that are none contact how could they ever understand how to deal with bumps and bruises. Think about who some of the toughest people you know are. The ones who never miss work whether they are sick or have injuries because they have to be there to provide for their families. I guarantee they played some form of contact sport or had a childhood that had physical and mental demands in some way. Whether it be they grew up on a farm or in the roughest of neighborhoods. It is not a coincidence that they are the way they are. It is because they learned to have physical and mental toughness.

Obviously there are many more reasons that football for kids is outstanding. These are just the ones that had a great impact on my life. We would love to hear other stories or reasons that your child or you play or played the game we love. Leave your stories in the comments below!