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How to Attack an Odd-Front From a One Back Set

how to attack an odd-front from a one back set Mar 08, 2022

I see coaches over complicate this issue all the time. Most of the year we all prepare for even front defenses. In our system we have two sets of inside run schemes. One scheme for even fronts and one scheme for odd fronts.

Don't Take Every Concept You Have Into Every Week

Obviously we will never run the even front schemes against an odd front and vise versa.

So we only rep the one we need for the week. This is one of our calls that replaces ISO and Inside Zone when we play odd front defenses.

The rules are VERY simple and the concept works against ANY odd front defense. 3-4, 3-3-5, 50, ect…

Disregard the names of our plays in the clinic film. It’s about the concept itself. If you want access to our whole offensive system you can find it on iCoach.Football.

What is the Center's Job?

This play concept is very simple to teach. Before we get to that part of the play let's cover the basics.

The Center is always in a street fight with the nose. Drive his rear end left, right, or straight ahead as far off the ball as you can. As a coach you need to know all he really has to do is not get driven into the back field. As long as the center can do that the play will go as planned. 

The reason this works is because the play takes time to develop. The slide, gather, and go by the back or the rocker step and go by the QB give the ball carrier time to see where the centers butt goes. 

That is where they are aiming. Run off the turn of his butt. 

Fan and Fold Technique

The rules for the guards and tackles we call Fan and Fold. For the Fan or Fold technique watch the video. Words don't do this one justice. You have to watch me draw it up in the clinic.

Up Tempo No Huddle Spread RPO System

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