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How to Install the Buck Sweep RPO

how to install the buck sweep rpo Apr 29, 2022

No one can deny the Wing-T is one of the most effective offensive systems in football. Which is why you see so many teams running parts of the system out of a shotgun set as part of their Spread Offense. 

While Chip Kelley was at Oregon Coaching in National Championship Games he used the Buck Sweep Read Option or Sweep Read Option to gash opposing defenses. Since that time you see schools all over the country at all levels running this concept as part of their RPO System. 

During my 20 year career I attended hundreds of in person football clinics and was lucky enough to get this concept straight from the source. 

This concept has been 50% of our run game over the past 7 years. As you can see in the clips above this play is EXTREMELY EXPLOSIVE! 

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