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How to Replace QB Sneak in Your Spread Offense - PART 1

how to replace qb sneak with rb direct snap - part 1 Jun 27, 2022

How to Replace QB Sneak with RB Direct Snap - PART 1

One of the biggest pain points in the Spread Offense is how to convert on short yardage situations without having to go under center and run a QB Sneak. There are many solutions to this problem. However, all of them that I have ever seen require a 5 yard gun snap and the time of handing the ball off to the RB. Those things both take more time than a QB Sneak. Which is the biggest complaint by all. 

We found a solution that works PERFECTLY. It shortens the snap and eliminates the handoff.

The direct snap is a play we use a lot in our offense. The reason this play works so well and better than a QB sneak is because when you use "Check With Me" a lot throughout the game, teams are hesitant to try to jump the snap even in short yardage situation. Because we will make you jump off sides. 

The direct snap hits so fast they do not have time to react. It is basically a race between the TB who knows the Snap Count and the LB's that do not. 

This is a MUST install into the system. Pair it with check with me and your short yardage situations become simple.

Here is how you coach it...

You will want to change the formation based on how you can get the defense the most spread out. Sometimes that will be what we call Spread • Stack, sometimes it will be Trips, or whatever is best. 

The Tailback will line up half the distance from the QB as he normally does. (The defense won't notice and if they do just go Check With Me first sometimes.)

The QB will give the "SET GO" Snap Count and jump like the snap went over his head. YES, this makes all the difference. The LB's will look up at the QB EVERY SINGLE TIME because it is just a natural response. This will give the RB an even bigger advantage. 

The RB will take the snap and run into the first gap he sees. No thinking just get the first down!

The Offensive Line will WEDGE BLOCK just like a QB Sneak. Some defenses you will have to make minor adjustments for the week but that is the norm. We cover our wedge rules against different fronts in the clinic. If the Defensive Ends job is to squeeze then you will need to block them with the Tackles. If they have contain then don't.

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