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How we use Backfield Sets to Manipulate the Defense

how we use backfield sets to manipulate the defense Jun 17, 2022

In this clinic we discuss how we use different backfield sets to manipulate the defensive front. This is something that gets overlooked a lot in spread offenses. Most defenses kick their front to or away from the Tight End, to or away from the Trips, to or away from the wide side of the field. 

However, a lot of defenses will adjust their defensive front to or away from the back when playing a spread offense. The reason for this is rather than having rules for if there is a TE do this, if their in Trips do this, if the ball is in the middle of the field what do we do.

Coaches are now taking away these "ifs" when playing spread offense by just calling their strength based on the back. Why? Because there is no confusion. Find the back and call the strength. Simple.

This is also a great tell for the offense. In the first series of every game if we do not know before hand how the defense is going to call their front. WE FIGURE IT OUT AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. 

Once you get this figured out calling you offense become much simpler because you know where the defense is going to line up before they do. 

We have never been in a case where we did not know from film that week. But even if you didn't know what they are making their strength call off of you can figure it out real quick!

If you have any questions put them in the comment below. We will answer all of them.

If you want access to our entire Up Tempo No Huddle Spread RPO System just click the link below. 

We run a play every 13 second on average. We can do this because we take all the "ifs" out of it!