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Youth Football Speed and Agility Training

youth football speed and agility training Feb 24, 2022

If you run a Youth Football Program this article is for you!

Every time I go to a youth football practice with multiple teams in one place I am guaranteed to see old football drills that teach nothing and aren't safe. For example, two kids laying on the ground helmet to helmet on their backs getting up and trying to tackle each other as quickly as possible.

Before they ever get this far there are certain things they should be learning to do. One of which is run with good form. How many kids do you see daily crossing their arms or feet when they run, not using their arms, or running straight up and down?

During the conditioning phase of your football season is a great time to work on these things. Instead of doing line drill after line drill have them do things that will make them a better athlete, things that will help them play their position better, things that accomplish two tasks!

How great would it be if your entire program was doing the same preseason training and all of it was not just getting them in shape, safe, and effective but it was also teaching them how to control their body, use great form, be explosive, gain balance, and play with leverage? Running lines drills or hills does not teach these things and it surely doesn't make anyone a better football player. There is definitely a time and place for the hill and line drills but there are ways to condition, teach good fundamentals, and evaluate talent all at once. Running hill after hill may get them in better shape but it's not going to help them grow as an athlete.

Using a program that is designed to work on the fundamentals of football while conditioning like this will show huge improvements to your program.

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Incorporate something! Put time into it! Do not just decide in the last five minutes of practice what you are going to do for conditioning that day. A Youth Football Speed and Agility Training Program incorporated with your whole team or even program will greatly change their performance on the field.

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